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SkyTech Hand-Held Remote with Thermostatic Control and LCD Display Plus Wiring Harness

SKU: 1001TH-A

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The hand held control by Sky-Tech Model# 1001TH-A is designed to be used with gas Hearth and ProCom appliances with millivolt valves or electronic spark ignition system, and features an easy to read LCD display. Use this remote control for room temperature control, and it features a 4 button on/off and timer/set transmitter, connectors.

Note: This Remote kit will only work with Millivolt units

Product Features

  • - For gas hearth appliances with millivolt valves
  • - 4-button On/Off/Mode/Set Transmitter
  • - LCD display room and thermostat temperature in °F and °C
  • - Flame icon and low battery indicator
  • - Includes: Receiver with learn function, and 18" wires with connectors
  • - Receivers will learn up to 2 additional SkyTech transmitters
  • - 1,048,576 security codes
  • - Replacement For Units With Wiring Harness
  • - For Use With Millivolt Remote Units

What’s in the box?

  • CON1001TH Remote – 1 Qty.
  • UN3 Receiver – 1 Qty.
  • Wall Mount For Remote – 1 Qty.
  • Wall Plate For Receiver – 1 Qty.
  • AA Batteries – 4 Qty.
  • AAA Batteries – 2 Qty.

Please Note: Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installed, service agency or the gas supplier.

ProCom Installation Guide Product Manual

WARNING Click Here for detailed information on Prop 65.